The HEXBUG Robot!! Tiny. Intelligent. Obedient.

Control your own insect with one of these micro-robotic HEXBUGs. The HEXBUG can roam on its own thanks to the bump sensor feelers that help it avoid obstacles. Or, help guide it along by clapping or making noise to have it change direction.

The bug will travel in a straight line until it hits an object or hears a loud noise. Upon contact or noise, the bug reverses in a half circle left, then moves forward again in a new direction. You can make noise continuously to back up the bug until it is aligned in the direction you wish.™ Micro Robotic Creature -



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Topobo ~ The Robot You can Build it Anyway You Want!!

The robo Topoba can build in any kind of shape and it is connect by wire!! It is cool becuase it is simple easy and fun. One thing that is cool about topobo is that every parts and be connet by wire and move alone. The best thing about topobo is that it has memory of the action, where you can find out in the video below. You can build a 4 foot robot or a worm all by yourself with action all you want. Video is incude in the read more

Topobo is a 3D constructive assembly system with kinetic memory, the ability to record and playback physical motion. Unique among modeling systems is Topobo’s coincident physical input and output behaviors.

the two different topobo which is build in different shape


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Cool robot. Rhex

I have been watching prototype this in discovery lately and i just love this show because they build a lot of robot things. This week they are building the all terrain vehicle. They build the model base ob the robot, Rhex. one thing you will never belive in rhex is that it is simple but with great performance.

And you are about to see is the video of rhex, enjoy it!!


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new name logo!!

new name logo!!

new name logo!!

nothing really important. just updating the blog so doesn’t make me too lazy for all these life.

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Common Craft video, A simple video to express how things go.

Today, I just randomly find stuff oh youtube, and guess what? Ifound this video call common craft. This video really help me out becuase it include simple information design in it and it clearly show how the states were vote. Anyway it is one of the video that clearly told you how the election is done. For more video please go to

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The world according to RR

A propaganda of how world will be in politic view
A propaganda of how world will be in politic view

A very “colorful” map which show how America and USSR union face by each other at the cold war. It is a good propaganda because it makes Taiwan as big as China which makes me really happy to see this. And notice that japan was draw in a car shape which is really cute. (not as big as taiwan)

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Computer costume from the 80s will make you revisit DOS


This holloween costume from 1981 looks like an evil demon took over this guy’s PC. Even in the days before Windows, you could still get a blue screen of BOO!

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